Wedding Favors for a Fall Wedding

While the summer, spring and Christmas time all get a great deal of attention as a popular time of year for weddings, many couples are enchanted by the thought of a fall wedding. The fall is a fabulous time of year when the air is crisp and the leaves are changing colors. This means the weather is likely to be favorable and the changing of the leaves can create a dramatic backdrop for glorious wedding photos. Couples who choose to have their wedding in the fall will be delighted to find that there are a number of excellent options available to them for wedding favors. This article will provide a few ideas for wedding favors which reflect the fall season and are also likely to be enjoyed by your guests.

Coasters are a very simple idea for a wedding favor for a fall wedding. Coasters are available in a wide variety of designs and patterns and couples are likely to find several options suitable for a fall wedding. Whether they select a coaster which is shaped like a leave or a coaster which is square an depicts a fall scene such as a trees with leaves in all shades of red, orange and gold your guests are sure to be delighted by these favors which are not only beautiful but are also very practical.

Fall is known as the harvest season and the cornucopia is often used at Thanksgiving as a symbol of the harvest. In these scenes the cornucopia is often overflowing with fruits and vegetables which are harvested in the fall. However, cornucopias overflowing with candy are a very cute idea for a wedding favor for a fall wedding. Miniature cornucopias can be purchased and filled with candies such as chocolates, hard candies, mints or any other type of candy.

Keeping with the theme of the harvest, couples may wish to give out seed packets as favors at a fall wedding. They may wish to give out packets for flowers, fruits or vegetables which are typically harvested in the fall season. Alternately they may wish to distribute packets for flowers, fruits or vegetable can be planted in the fall. This is a really fun idea which helps to encourage your guests to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate nature more.

Candles which reflect the season can also be a great idea for wedding favors for a fall wedding. These candles can be simple candles which have the colors and scents which are popular in the fall season. This may include candles which are round or square as well as votive candles and taper candles. Colors such as deep reds and oranges are very appropriate. Popular scents for candles in the fall are pumpkin, egg nog and pine. All of these colors and scents are sure to remind the guests of the beautiful fall wedding they attended.

Another great idea for a wedding favor at a fall wedding is a set of soaps which are shaped like leaves. These soaps may come in a wide variety of colors and designs. The couple will likely be able to choose from soaps which are designed to look like leaves such as maple leaves or oak leaves. They can also select leave shaped soaps in a variety of colors such as red and orange.

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Stock twitter said...

It is really nice to have a fall wedding...The changing color of the leaves of the trees maybe of big help for a very good photo...the shade and background.

I agree with that coaster wedding favors have become popular today...It adds beauty to the whole wedding celebration...It is unique and elegant that would impress guests.

Koje said...

Wish I could have a fall marriage :)
it will be great :)

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