Wedding Favors for a Beach Themed Wedding

If you are planning to hold your wedding on the beach or are simply planning to incorporate a beach theme into your wedding it makes sense to give out wedding favors which reflect the beach theme. This can really help to tie the theme of the wedding together and will serve as a great reminder of the wedding. If you select a favor which is very closely related to the atmosphere of the wedding your guests are much more likely to remember your wedding well when they see your favor in their home. If you choose to give out favors which are not closely related to your theme, the favors will not likely trigger memories of your wedding for your guests. This article will provide some examples of favors which would be appropriate for a wedding with a beach related theme.

One great wedding favor idea which works well with a beach related theme is a gift of a votive candle in a holder designed to look like a beach pail. This really helps to convey the theme of the wedding and your guests are sure to remember your wedding fondly whenever they see the favor from your wedding. These types of favors can be very inexpensive but they are something your guests can really use and will serve as a great reminder of your wedding.

Giving out seashells as wedding favors is another great idea for a beach themed wedding. You can find authentic shells at party supply stores craft supply stores. To further carry the theme in the favor you can purchase decorative fishing nets and cut the net into small squares. Once you do this you can place the shells in the center of the square and use twine to tie the corners of the square together. This creates a very appealing presentation which is really representative of the theme of the wedding because both the favor itself and the wrapping material are indicative of the theme.

Magnets which are related to the beach can also make great wedding favors for a wedding with a beach theme. You can choose magnets in the shape of flip flops, starfishes, seashells or any other shape which accurately reflects the theme. This is such a great idea for a favor because it is not only a favor which will always remind your guests of the wedding but it is also a favor which is very practical. Your guests will likely keep your favor displayed prominently on their refrigerators where they will see it every day and be reminded of you and your wedding. Hopefully will it will serve as an enjoyable reminder of your wedding.

You can also combine your place card holders and your favor to contribute to the atmosphere at your wedding and also give your guests a favor which will be a keepsake which will remind your guest of your wedding. An example of this might be place card holders in the shape of sailboats, starfishes, seashell or even dolphins. These can be used at your wedding to hold cards with your guests name and table number but your guests can also take them home as a favor. Once at home your guests can insert a picture and use the place card holders as a modern and elegant picture frame instead. This allows your guests to get additional use out of your favor and also gives them a favor which will serve as a reminder of your wedding.

Bookmarks which relate to the beach are also appropriate favors for a wedding with a beach theme. This can also be a favor which is both practical and inexpensive. Simple paper bookmarks may not be appropriate as favors but you can purchase more elegant sterling silver bookmarks which are more appropriate are favors. These favors are not only attractive but they give the impression that you really were looking for a favor which your guests will appreciate. You can even combine a beach themed bookmark with a short book of love poems as a favor for your wedding so the theme of the wedding is combined with the overall theme of love

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